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I feel more like a coward now…
It’s quite deceiving when I got 100% right in an exam about a particular subject in physics when the truth of matter is there were still many things that I didn’t understand. Physics education taught me to use the only “right” or typical method to tackle a specific  problem all the time. It certainly forced me to think in a very constrained way.  As a result, I left many interesting parts of physics unexplored and became too afraid of being wrong. I think scientific education should attempt more to ease the very big transition from learning other people’s ideas to making our own ideas. In this blog I want to show that in order to get to know the culture of physics, one has to spend hours of daydreaming (hours of dead ends, adventure, romance, whatever). 


Physics is filled with an almost infinite variety of problems and it is not sufficient to simply guess the right answer. One of the beautiful things about physics is that it allows us to wander freely, getting wrong conclusions here and there, and even feel perfectly happy after that. Those dead ends often lead us to interesting things that will teach us something deep about thinking in general, and/or about some specific physics or mathematics machinery. The more comfortable we are with being “stupid”, the deeper we will wade into the unknown and the more likely we are to make big discoveries..

So basically Emitabsorb is created by and mainly for people who feel that the current atmosphere of physics academia is too encumbered by boring problem sets and needless assignments, fostering an environment where original thinking and creative ideas are replaced by robotlike efficiency and uncritical pedagogy.

This blog is about original thoughts. I will come up with my own questions and play with them. I thought it would be fun to describe the process of finding things out in a bit more detail, I will show those “dead ends”, those crazy ideas that make sense only after been in the background of my mind.

Still reading? Ok, good

Quick glances at papers published in journals showed that the vast majority of them were collaborative, rather than single authored. This is a reflection of how most great ideas emerged! Quite often, one person will have an idea but someone else will have the expertise necessary to bring the idea further. And apart from that, bouncing ideas back and forth is fun!

Dirac and Feynman

All readers are invited, even encouraged, to contribute in any way they can.

Together, we can make physics fun again!

Enjoy your stay, and remember to contribute!

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