Childhood Question Finally Solved?

When you look at a light source you will notice something awesome, don’t you?

The bright point of the light will appear to be surrounded by a spray of radial light rays!

This thing is so cool that one may not be able to sleep because he or she can’t stop playing with it.

But what are those rays???

It is one of the biggest questions that I have since I was a child…

You may say, “Maybe it is due to scattering by the air”

OK now look at the light source again, and rotate you head, what do the rays do?

They rotate with you!

Then rotate the light source if you can.

Notice that the rays do not rotate!

So it is something to do with our eyes? Perhaps something related to our eyelids, eye liquid, brain perception or such things?

Not sure yet? Ok now choose an opaque object around you, it could be your hand, your Gundam toy, a book or etc..

Hold that thing between your eyes and the light source.

Try to block the rays without blocking the light source.

Notice that even if you hold the thing very close to your eyes the rays are always magically appears between the

the thing and your eyes. And also the rays will vanish if you cannot see the light bulb.

So it is a “biological” effect? But my camera does not agree, she says that she can capture that effect too!

What is Going On?

Wait a second… Look at that innocent little bottle of chili sauce over there!

Did you see the “white line” on the bottle?

Now why? Each “blob” on the bottle will produce one copy of mini light bulb, as a result we got a line of mini light bulbs. If the blobs are much smaller, our eyes won’t be able to distinguish the gaps between the mini light bulbs! I think water ripples also do the same thing:

Now look at this:

Even more epic one:

Thanks to the chili sauce bottle.. Now I have a special power to control light!! Maybe I am the chosen one!

I must protect the world from the dark forces!

Okay okay enough bullshitting.. What did I do??

When I rub the camera using my finger horizontally the light line becomes vertical however when I rub it vertically the line becomes horizontal. The light line is always perpendicular to the direction in which I rub the camera. And if I twist my finger while touching the camera, I got lines in every direction or you can say there is no line at all.

I think when I rub the camera in a certain directions, I will leave trace amounts of oil that I get on my fingers maybe from rubbing my forehead or nose. The trace is in a form of series of parallel lines, as in the chili sauce bottle case and water ripples case it will reflect light perpendicular to itself .

But most photos of such light rays that I saw have very neat six dominant lines. like this one

I think it is a completely different phenomena. Maybe it is because the camera’s light receptor is not isotropic, usually it has hexagonal symmetry.

Let’s get back to our eyes. I would assume that there are scratches on our eye lens and they are more or less randomly oriented. This scratches will act as reflectors as in above cases. The problem is if the scratches are randomly placed why are the rays radial? Only a few selected scratches glint light towards our retina.  The basic principle is a scratch will reflect light perpendicular to itself, thus only scratches perpendicular to our line of sight or “tangential” to the light source will reflect light to our eyes. Therefore it would be very unlikely to have a non radial line, the scratches must be very specially ordered. So the scratches produce lines of light radiating in all directions around the point source. We can also play with the lines by goggling and narrowing our eyes. That way we can change the shape of our eye lens, it’s like stretching the scratches vertically and thus the lines. When we goggle the lines are more “vertical”, when we narrow our eyes the lines are more “horizontal”.

There is another optical effect that we can observe. At first you can look at a light bulb without squinting. Then by squinting the eyes you can see the rays being extended. And when we look above or below the light bulb the the rays are extended further upward or downward. I think it is because when we move our eyelids some eye liquid is moved and covered the cornea , it will change the liquid’s thickness profile at some part. To prove this hypothesis, I tried to yawn several times to produce some tear before looking at the light source. And what did I get? I can see similar long line even without squinting!

Yet another interesting stuff that I discovered while playing with light:

If we look at a bright light source for a long enough  time and then we look the other way, the part where the bright light was will become dark. If we put the source at the center of our vision, it would be awesome. After the light source is removed, the dark spot will show us where we are looking at. For example I tried to read something while the dark spot still there, I found that upon reading my eyes are focused at left edge, middle, and right edge of the text repeatedly. Moreover you can also know where your eyes are focusing while staring at optical illusion picture!


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